Election Ballot for 2014-15

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Election Ballot for 2014-15

Postby kathydeal » Sat Nov 15, 2014 6:32 pm

Dear Community:

Please attend our November 21, 2014 gathering at Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church at 6:30 for fellowship, worship, and our annual board election. If anyone would like to run for the El Shaddai Emmaus board of directors, please contact Community Lay Director Kathy Deal immediately at kathyldeal@frontier.com or call me at 812-448-1992. Candidates should have served on many walks in different capacities so they can have the background to provide support for our walks. A former LD, ALD, or anyone who has served in a leadership role would make for a great candidate. [i]Even more important, they should model a servant's heart working in the background to help in various capacities for our community. [/i] So far, I have received these names for your PRAYERFUL consideration:

Nick Agresta
Kim Burton
Ervin Buse
Sue Jarvis
Pat Killeen
Sandy Sills
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Re: Election Ballot for 2014-15

Postby kathydeal » Sun Nov 23, 2014 10:09 pm

The El Shaddai community welcomes these new board members to the 2015 Board of Directors:

Mike Baker - clergy
Kevin Drane - clergy

Kim Burton - laity (3 year term)
Sue Jarvis - laity (3 year term)
Pat Killeen - laity (3 year term)

Thanks to everyone who submitted their names to run for the board of directors.

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