Agape for Kairos

What are some cool things you can give or do to share God's love?
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Agape for Kairos

Postby webguy » Wed Apr 22, 2009 9:43 am

The ways you can show God's love on a Kairos Prison Ministry weekend are:

PRAY – Pray any time during the weekend. Also pray over any other gifts of agape you may do! Kairos weekends are also normally listed on the site by institution name so anyone around the world can sign up to pray.

Bake cookies – LOTS (30,000 for Rockville, 60,000 for Wabash Valley) of home-baked cookies will be used during the weekend. You MUST follow the given recipe and packing instructions - see contact info below.

Create Posters or Placemats – these are especially powerful from children. Include first name and age but NO other info that may be identifiable. ONLY crayons and markers may be used – no glue, glitter, stickers, etc.

Write notes of love and encouragement to the 42 participants - they should be handwritten (unless a disability prevents you from writing), short (1-2 paragraphs expressing God's love and your prayers for the offenders), printed unless your cursive is neat, signed with first name only and on plain stationary (no pictures or logos) or steno pad with either no envelope or a peel-n-stick envelope if you wish but do NOT seal it. Include the pen you write the notes with so the participant names can be added later.

Attend the Closing – there are very strict clothing and other regulations that must be followed. If you are interested in attending the closing ceremony, you MUST let a team member know at least 2 weeks in advance. You cannot just show up at the prison unless you were registered beforehand.

Donate money – it cost $250 per participant to put on the weekend, and the ministry is solely funded by donations. Checks can be made out to Kairos of Indiana. Cash is also accepted. Donations are tax deductible.

All items must be given to a team member BEFORE the weekend! You cannot drop them off at the prison. You can contact JoEllen Rowe at jrowe13 at or Michael Ray at webguy at for more info or with any questions.

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