Walk to Emmaus and Kairos connection

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Walk to Emmaus and Kairos connection

Postby JoEllen » Fri Mar 13, 2009 10:55 am

Frank Rowe, State Chairman for Kairos of Indiana and a member of the Hoosier Hills Emmaus community recently attended the Kairos International Board Meeting in Orlando, Florida. This is Frank's story about a divine appointment during that meeting.
"I remember approaching a Hispanic man, I was thinking that he was there representing one of the Central or South American Countries that our Kairos ministry serves. His name was Victor Perez and he asked me if I had ever heard of the Walk to Emmaus, I said yes and told him my story.
I went on walk 39A in April of 2000 at Camp Indicoso in the Hoosier Hills Emmaus Community. It was on Saturday of that weekend, during a time called dying moments, at a place called Pleasant Valley that I let Jesus move from my mind to my heart. I had been a pew warmer in my church for years, but had been more concerned with making money, driving fancy cars, and moving up the corporate ladder.
I later learned that the purpose of Emmaus is to build church leaders and not necessarily a tool of salvation. In my case, though, it was successful in both.
I told Victor that Jesus had slowed me down long enough that he had gotten my attention in a big way. I had been called into service.
Victor Perez revealed to me that he was the International Spiritual Director for the Walk to Emmaus! He told me that he sat on our Kairos International Board and that the Walk to Emmaus had signed a memorandum of understanding with Kairos."
This memorandum of understanding gives support to the Kairos Prison Mininstry International fro the Walk to Emmaus community.

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