Testimony from DOC employee

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Dave & Debbie Brewer
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Testimony from DOC employee

Postby Dave & Debbie Brewer » Fri Jun 13, 2008 6:20 pm

I have been blessed with the opportunity to serve on 2 Kairos weekends and look forward to serving on Wabash Kairos #1. I have worked in the prison system for 15 years and have never witnessed anything like a Kairos weekend. I saw with my own eyes, 84 men gather on a Thursday evening filled with doubt, frustration, and anxiety not knowing what to expect. Most of these men would say on that first night that they only came for the food.

As our next 30+ hours together passed I saw with my own eyes, the Holy Spirit move amoung those men. Minds were opened... hearts were softened.. cold hard men fell to their knees by Saturday night and asked God to forgive them for the terrible things they had done. Most of these men asked Jesus to come into their lives and change them.

I saw some of the meanest, toughest and most cold hearted men cry on each others shoulders and praise God together. Men who had been enemies only days before held hands and prayed for each other.

God is good and I can tell you for a fact that He is needed in the prisons and I can also tell you that He is there ready to recieve any man that comes to him.

Kairos Prison Ministry is the most powerful, spirit filled ministries I've ever encountered in or out of prison. This ministry needs prayer first... lay team members, and clergy team members. Please pray and consider volunteering your time... YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT.

Several team members will be at the June 20 gathering and look forward to talking to you. God bless you,

Dave Brewer, Sullivan

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