Responsibilities of a Host Church (Updated 2016)

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Responsibilities of a Host Church (Updated 2016)

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The host church will provide a fourth day speaker who has gone on an Emmaus or Chrysalis weekend (or could be an Emmaus or Chrysalis member from another church requested by the host church), musicians/singers/sound board/projectionist, at least 4 offering attendants, 3 babysitters (one of which is an adult), communion elements set-up, paper and plastic eating accessories, snack food, ice, and drinks, door welcomers, and a set-up/clean-up crew. Host pastor or a church leader should welcome the community to the church and introduce the Fourth Day Speaker. The Community Spiritual Director will ask the Host minister and other ministers to serve communion.


6:15-7:00 Refreshments and Fellowship
Host Church provides finger food, drinks and tableware. The Community is asked to bring a finger food and snacks to support the host church. This is not a meal, but rather simply snack and fellowship time.

7:00-7:15 Songs and Opening Prayer (Host Church Minister or Designated Leader)

7:15-7:30 Community Lay Director
A) Greetings and Recognize First Timers
B) Report on Upcoming Walks and Flights
C) Report on Board News and Committees
1. Registrar Report
2. Sponsorship
3. News from the Board
D) Report on Special Events, Workdays and next Gathering

7:30-7:40 More Community Singing (Host Church) 10-15 minutes

7:40-7:45 Prayer for Offering (Host Minister) The host praise team will provide music during this time.
Offering (Host Ushers) will be taken by passing plates. Plates will be given to the El Shaddai Treasurer and Assistant to count immediately so babysitters (up to 3) will be paid.

(7:45-7:50) Community Spiritual Director will have a brief devotional.

Host Church Pastor or Designated Church leader will introduce the Fourth Day Speaker.

7:50-8:10 Fourth Day Talk (Host Church Member or Other) 20 minutes
(Talk should consist of how the "walk" has enhanced his/her life)

8:15-8:30 Communion and Closing (Host Pastor or he/she prefers, the Community Spiritual Director)

* Music should include familiar songs to the Emmaus Community along with praise songs that the host church introduces with words displayed.

* Please provide a list of songs performed for the evening
to the Gatherings Coordinator.

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