Flight # 66 (Girl's) Nov 4-6, 2011

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Flight # 66 (Girl's) Nov 4-6, 2011

Postby Sandy » Fri May 20, 2011 3:37 pm

"He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak." --Isaiah 40:29

Awesome weekend! Praise the Lord!! Please keep our new butterflies in your prayers!!!

Lay Director - Carrie Sellers*
Youth Lay Director - Madison Jackson*
Assistant Lay Directors -
Lisa Metz
Jenny Wire
Jennifer Flater*
Board Rep - Sandy Thompson

Spiritual Director - Kevin Barnes*
Assistant Spiritual Directors -
Tom Barnett*
Jeff Sumner*
Lisa Watler*
Laura Wells*

Head Music - Shannon Belzile
Nancy Nichols
Jessica Metz
Kendall Fowler*

Table Leaders:
Adults -
Jamee Reberger*
Kim Burton
Melissa Sawyer*
Susan Rhodes
Mary Diel
Sylvia Payton (College)
Youth -
Amanda Cox
Olivia Stockton
Maeghan Pilman*
Brandi Allen*
Karina Stitzle
Danielle Brinson* (College)

Head - Stephanie Jackson
Assistant Head - Leah Andrews
Adults -
Linda Fowler
Christy Vaziri*
Alicia Austin
College -
Darcy Bass
Lizzie Emmert
Hannah Pond
Youth -
Ashley Hughes
Allison McWilliams
Brandi Pastorius
Brooklyn Crowley
Megan Effner
Ashley Sumner
Tara Summers
Abby Hayes

* denotes speakers

Attendance to team meetings is very important!
Team meetings will be held at Calvary Temple Clinton (301 S Main St) at 1:30 pm on the following Sundays -
September 11th
September 25th
October 9th
October 23rd
Reminder: Team Fees have increased to $125 and may be paid in installments.
Also - the team arrives in Merom on Thursday evening (November 3rd) for set up & dedication.

Girl Power through God Power!
Becky Jeffers
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Re: Flight # 66 (Girl's) Nov 4-6, 2011

Postby Becky Jeffers » Tue Oct 18, 2011 8:07 pm

Caterpillar Name * Hometown * Sponsor
Alison Austin * Rosedale, IN * Alicia Austin
Courtney Austin * Rosedale, IN * Alicia Austin
Margit Bloesing - Anderson * Brazil, IN * Abby Hayes
Lexi Barnett * Brazil, IN
Morgan Booe * Clay CIty, IN * Julie Morris
Sydney Buell * Brazil, IN * Allison McWilliams
Erika Campbell * Clinton, IN * Christy Vaziri/Amanda Cox
Haleigh Cannon * Cory, IN * Tom & Shannon Cannon/Kelsey Searing
Erika Disney * Brazil, IN * Mary Anne Dillman
Samantha Dyer * Bowling Green, IN * Heidi Reagan
Keia Friend * Terre Haute, IN * Scott & Marcia Lough
Melissa Horn * Indianapolis, IN * Danielle Brinson
Caitlyn LeLoup * Carbon, IN * Terri Brown/Joel Bragg
Hannah Minor * Brazil, IN * Allison McWilliams
Caleena Myers * Brazil, IN * Abby Hayes
Kelsey Oehler * Brazil, IN * Gary Scroggins
Ji Park * Brazil, IN * Cheryl Waelbroeck
Kaysia Reberger * Brazil, IN * Gary Scroggins
Krista Stearley * Brazil, IN * Tara Summers
Kayla Sinders * Clay City, IN * Rusty &Jana Sinders
Whitney Scott * Brazil, IN * Terry & Becky Jeffers
Eileen Stinnett * Brazil, IN * Maeghan Pilman
Fly With Christ,
Becky Jeffers, Registrar

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