Girls Fall Flight 89 Cancelled

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Girls Fall Flight 89 Cancelled

Postby Becky Jeffers » Tue Aug 01, 2017 7:49 pm

Please be in prayer for the caterpillars and team!

*Kasey Waite, LD (Talk 14 - Priesthood of Believers)
*Hannah Peters, YLD (Talk 15 - Next Steps)
*Jess Berryhill (Talk 6 - Singles)
Kristin Scott
Missy Burton
Jamee Reberger, BR

*Chris Lee, SD
*Tom Barnett
*Gary Scroggins
*Billy Joe Henry
*Laura Wells

Adult Table Leaders
Tammy Peters
*Carrie Siples (Talk 7 - Communication Through Prayer)
Sarah Pence-Fagg
Susan Anstead
*Joely Lemke (Talk 9 - Marriage)

Youth Table Leaders:
*Elizabeth Burton (Talk 5 - Prodigal)
*Harper McDowell (Talk 11 - Growth Through Study)
Alexis Armstrong
Gracyn Switzer
Rachel Ticen

Morgan Aker
Anna King
Jenny Power

Michelle Lee, Head Log
Sam Dyer, Head Log
Brenda Waite
Joannie Waite
Patty Spencer
Melissa Sawyer
*Ashley Seymour (Talk 3 - Faith)
Ainsley Sawyer
Meghan Killeen
Rendi Crabb
*Eden Siples (Talk 12 - Christian Action)
*Abby Lemke (Talk 1 - Ideals)
Tristen Hudson
Meghan Bass
Aysiah Hernandez
Erica Weis
Ashley Cook

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